Historic or architecturally sensitive buildings need sympathetic handling where the need to replicate original profiles/mouldings are concerned. Manufacturing intricate or complex mouldings to original designs is a skilled job.

Chatsworth Stone Masonry has experienced personnel with those necessary skills to manufacture patterns from originals and advise on all aspects of the project.

Below are a couple of examples of our work:

Example #1 – Guildford Grammar School

Chatsworth Stone Masonry Ltd was asked by our Distributor Brickmatch International if we could replicate the Guildford Grammar School’s coat of arms. Of course, we were pleased to oblige.

The work involved taking a pattern from the original plaque which was in position on the original building. This necessitated constructing a pattern box in-situ and pouring approximately 200kgs of latex rubber around the fine detail.

Once cured the rubber pattern was peeled away. The pattern was then taken back to our factory and a replica cast to match the original in detail, colour and texture.


Example #2 – Bruton Place, Mayfair, London

Chatsworth Stone Masonry Ltd was chosen by Progressive Brickwork Ltd via our Distributor Taylor Maxwell & Co Ltd to supply Wet Cast units on this project.

The new façade to this building in the centre of Mayfair had to faithfully reproduced to match the original elevation due to be torn down. Chatsworth personnel attended site to collect several profiles of natural masonry to replicate them in preparation for the new build.

Some of these units – as you will see from the photos – were in a poor condition. We were able to restore the profiles prior to using them to prepare new patterns for the cast stone units.