Chatsworth Stone Masonry Ltd is based in the West Yorkshire town of Keighley. With in-house CAD design capabilities we also manufacture all our standard and bespoke moulds internally.

We are continually investing in our manufacturing equipment and have recently installed a specially designed curing chamber for our semi-dry products. This chamber incorporates humidifiers to keep the atmosphere at a specific humidity during the initial curing process. This initial cure in the chamber ensures maximum strength performance and long term durability. Effective curing prevents crumbling arrises and also reduced the risk of surface shrinkage and therefore crazing.


Semi-Dry production: As the term implies the manufacturing process uses a low water content or “earth moist” mix design. Chatsworth’s carefully graded aggregates results in a fine texture product with a density of around 2100kgs/m³. Typical compressive strengths are in the range 35MPa – 45MPa. The addition of waterproofers ensures low absorption and long term performance. Units can be made repetitively from one mould during a production shift which makes this production method extremely cost effective. Semi- Dry units are non structural and are purely decorative..


Wet Cast production: This method uses a higher water content resulting in a dense product – 2400kgs/m³ with typical compressive cube tests of 50MPa – 65MPa. The process requires a mould for every cast produced on a daily basis. The ‘as struck’ mould finish is very smooth therefore varying degrees of finish can be applied to the products – acid etching in Chatsworth’s case – to achieve the customer’s desired effect. This method of production allows great flexibility to the architect/designer as larger, structural casts up to 10 tonnes can be produced. The products manufactured by this method tend to be of a more robust nature as they develop higher early strength. However the additional moulds and production processes add cost.


GRC production: GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) is a material with a high cement:aggregate ratio. The addition of AR (Alkaline resistant) glass fibres results in concrete design thicknesses of around 15mm.  There are obvious opportunities for weight savings with this product to meet either Health and Safety requirements or engineering solutions. All Chatsworth Stone Masonry Ltd GRC products are manufactured to Grade 10P as laid down in the GRCA – Specification for the manufacture curing and testing of GRC products 2006.

Chatsworth regularly supply all three product types on projects where the engineering needs are varied. We can closely match the finished colour on all three product types however it should be noted that because of the difference in manufacturing methods the texture varies and materials can weather at different rates.